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March 2014

Take This Nutrition Challenge

To celebrate National Nutrition month how about checking your nutrition savvy!  See how many of these nutrition challenge questions you can answer. All of the questions are from prior editions of our Nourishing Newsletter. If you need a hint check the word list below.

Word List
Vitamin B12
Vitamin D

Nutrition Challenge Answer

1) There are few good food sources for this key nutrient, often referred to as the “sunshine” vitamin. Critical to absorbing calcium and keeping bones strong.


2) This is the most essential nutrient. If you do not get enough you may feel dizzy.  
3) Tuna fish is a good source of this vitamin which is not found in fruits, vegetables or grains. Deficiency signs include; fatigue, weakness, anemia and poor memory.  
4) A key ingredient for healthy aging. This ingredient can be used in place of salt. It may also aid in digestion and decrease inflammation.  
5) It is best to get this mineral from food sources instead of supplements if at all possible. It plays a key role in keeping bones strong and healthy.  
6) If you are taking these be sure to take as directed, keep in the original container, let your doctor know if you have any side effects.  
7) This mineral can help balance the effects of sodium and is plentiful in produce.  
8) This key nutrient is found in grains as well as fruits, vegetables and legumes.  

1)Vitamin D 2)Water 3)Vitamin B12 4)Herbs 5)Calcium 6) Medication 7)Potassium 8)Fiber


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