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March 2015

Take This Nutrition Challenge

To celebrate National Nutrition month, how about checking your nutrition savvy.  See how many of these nutrition challenge questions you can answer. All of the questions are from prior editions of our Nourishing Newsletter. If you need a hint, check the word list below.

Nutrition Challenge
1) Also known as dried beans and lentils, they may lower LDL cholesterol. In addition, they are nutrient dense as they contain protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

2) A colorful plate is a healthy plate! Produce contains different phytonutrients which can easily be identified by this.

3) If you take antacids on a regular basis the absorption of this vitamin, found only in animal products may be compromised. Deficiency may result in memory loss.

4) Fish is considered part of a healthy diet as it may reduce inflammation, cognitive decline and the risks of heart disease. Health benefits are linked to this substance in fish, especially “fatty” fish such as salmon and trout.

5) This is the “sunshine” vitamin and it is essential for healthy joints. Deficiency of this vitamin reduces calcium absorption. There are few good food sources.
6) The inability of the liver to utilize insulin properly, resulting in elevated blood sugar is due to this. Timing and balance of meals, especially carbohydrates, is important to reduce insulin demands.
7) Vitamin D is vital for building strong bones as it is essential for this mineral to be absorbed. Studies suggest vitamin D may boost immunity, reduce inflammation and play a role in diabetes.
8) Whole foods that are minimally processed are the best choice when it comes to this energy providing nutrient.

Word List

Vitamin B12
Omega 3 – Fats
Vitamin D
Insulin Resistance


1) Legumes   2) Color  3) Vitamin B12  4) Omega 3-Fats  5) Vitamin D  6) Insulin Resistance  7) Calcium   8) Carbohydrates


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